Forward? Let’s see. “Don’t Stop” was released in 1977 on  Fleetwood Mac’s album “Rumors”.
Bill Clinton was inaugurated in 1993.
Those aren’t “Forward”.

Did “Forward” come from the State Motto of Wisconsin? (Maybe  it’s a tribute to Paul Ryan? I don’t think so). Or did  “Forward” come from the Jewish magazine, “The Jewish Daily  Forward”? (I don’t think so… don’t forget the “Jersusalem”  debacle at the DNC).

Did “Forward” come from the German radical left publications  “Vorwaerts” (German for “Forward”) associated with Marx,  Engels, and Trotsky? Or did it come from Vladimir Lenin’s  publication “Vpered” (Russian for “Forward”) in 1905?

Ok. “Forward.”  Why the period? It’s a word. It’s not a  sentence. It does not require any punctuation. And with the  period, it’s like a giant HALT. Forward HALT. In this case, I  think the HALT is a benefit.

Finally, give a listen to this. Obama before, Obama now. Can you tell the difference? Is this “Forward.”? HALT.
(mp3 file 1.7m)


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