Dear Leader’s Presstitutes See No Evil

Regarding the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya and other middle east uprisings, by not taking responsibility for failing to take action on clearly actionable intelligence resulting in people getting killed, we look weak.  This is not Monday morning quarterbacking.  It is a complete failure of Dear Leader’s foreign policy.  The rest of the world sees this and is reporting on this… the fact that we had THREE days warning of the Benghazi, Libya attacks, but nothing is reported by Dear Leader’s Presstitutes. Was this on the national news tonight? Anywhere?  No, but it is all over the rest of the world.

And how did Dear Leader spend his weekend? Working with the State Department? Receiving further intelligence briefings? No, he watched football.

Now, the State Department is refusing to answer any further questions about the incidents.

There are so many more implications about the information above that could be discussed, but I am busy in search of a good new cat video.  Talk among yourselves.  Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Dear Leader’s Presstitutes See No Evil

  1. I can’t tell you the source she gets it from.. but a very political lady I know told me, that the night of the killing what did our Dear Leader do? …. he went off to bed. (to lay his sleepy head). No worries – no plans, ‘just ho-hum, off to bed’.

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