The Story is the Cover Up – Obamagate Number Two

The Spanish language station Univision has linked more and more fast and furious weapons to various murders around Juarez, Mexico, including murders of Mexican high school students at a birthday party.  Weapons provided by ATF and U.S. Department of Justice have previously been linked to the murders of employees of the American consulate and the murder of Brian Terry.  Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie was shot and killed in the line of his duty investigating drug runners.  At this time however, there is no indication that the weapons used in the muder of Agent Ivie were in any way connected with fast and furious.

Somehow, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder continues to evade resignation, even prosecution, over fast and furious and hides behind Dear Leader’s claim of executive privilege.  Paul Ryan, and many others, are calling for his resignation.  How about prosecuting the Department of Justice under the Rico Statutes?  This is the definition of organized crime and a continuing criminal enterprise.


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