The Story is the Cover Up – Obamagate Number One

The attack on the Benghazi compound in Libya was an act of terrorism and the White House knew it even when they trotted out Susan Rice, Ambassador to the U.N. on the Sunday talk shows last week to continue the party line that it was an unforeseen result of some silly youtube movie.  The White House had information months prior to the attack from the CIA regarding lack of security at the compound which was ignored.  Darrell Issa has written a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton demanding details of the earlier requests for more security which were denied.

Trotting out some gigantic lie to excuse yourself from being responsible, how can the American government ever think the American public will believe this cock and bull story?  This is just an exercise in changing the facts to meet your narrative. In order for Ambassador Rice to believe this, the CIA would have totally screwed up; they didn’t.  The cover up makes it worse.  The cover up is the problem and it makes it worse for the American public, the world’s view of America, and for the American press which now are just the Palace Guards willing to swallow any party line.  How is this story is not all over the news?  How will it probably not even be mentioned in the debates?  Mitt? Hello?


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