Romney Right On Libya, Candy Crowley Wrong And Reverses Herself On Correction Of Romney During Debate

During the debate, Romney questioned Obama on whether he called Benghazi an act of terror in the rose garden speech.  Knowing he didn’t, Obama said “please continue”.  Romney said to Crowley, “I want to be sure we get that for the record.” Crowley replied, “he did in fact, sir (call it an act of terror).”  Obama bellows, “Can you say that a little louder Candy?”  See the video from the debate. (50 sec).

After the debate, Crowley reverses herself saying Romney was “right in the main” (that the Obama statement of “acts of terror” did not relate to Benghazi).  See the video of her reversal. (20 sec).

Will we see this on the nightly news tomorrow?  Perhaps Ms. Crowley spent a bit too much time at the Anheuser-Busch hospitality tent drinking free beer prior to the debate which was apparently “very busy”.


6 thoughts on “Romney Right On Libya, Candy Crowley Wrong And Reverses Herself On Correction Of Romney During Debate

  1. she had prior knowledge as to the question’s to be asked and as moderator had no business takin any position on the subject. there is is no objectivity in journalism any more they all have agenda’s

    • Ed, thanks for your comment, and you are so correct about bias in journalism. It was funny switching between msnbc and fox last night and seeing that lack of objectivity to which you refer.

  2. You should link the speech transcript from the Rose Garden on Sept 12, 2012… Obama clearly references the attack in Libya as a “terrorist act.” So you are right, we wont see this on the nightly news, unless you meant that Romney was caught dead wrong.

    • Thank you for your comments regarding the candy crowley situation on
      my blog.

      In your comment, you inquired why I didn’t post a link to transcript
      of the rose garden speech. I have previously posted that link in
      previous posts on the topic. What Obama said in that speech is not in

      You stated I was wrong and that “Obama clearly references the attack
      in Libya as a “terrorist act” (in the rose garden speech). That
      statement is incorrect. Please read the transcript again. Nowhere
      does he say benghazi was an act of terrorism or a terrorist act. He
      states, having most previously referred to 9/11/01 “No acts of terror
      will ever shake the resolve of this great nation”., Read: ACTS, a
      statement in general, not act of terrorism, a specific act.

      He refers to benghazi as all sorts of other things but not an act of
      terrorism… shameful, unfortunate… and he did the same many times
      over, see for example his appearance on that horrible show “The View”
      when Joy whats her name questioned him; see also his speech before the
      UN. If he believed on the day after the tragedy that it was an act of
      terrorism, he failed to say so, anywhere, for weeks. He did continue
      the absurd “it was the youtube film” line and that line continued
      through that Sunday when Susan Rice was trotted out on all the sunday
      talk shows spewing the same, white house approved, lie.

      Please remember, he *was* aware this was an act of terror; he
      *watched* the attack live on video and it was clearly not a
      demonstration gone awry. He was advised by the CIA and other intel
      which he later threw under the bus (see the cia leaked intel docs).
      And in general, see the legal act of terrorism.

      So, there is no question that he knew this was an act of terrorism but
      failed to call it so, simply because of the view that Osama has been
      killed, things are so much better. They aren’t and wont be. See the
      hundreds of islamists chanting “Obama Obama we are ALL Osama”. This
      is a president who skips MORE THAN ONE HALF of his daily intel
      briefings (as stated by the white house).

      This country can do better. We dont have to settle for this.

      Thanks again for your comment,

  3. The state dept sent a Special forces team led by Colonel Wood
    home from Libya just a few weeks before the attack.
    The White House deny’s additional security requests from the consulate in Bengazi days before the attack.
    Biden said they did not know about any requests for additional security.
    4 Americans dead and the consulate completely destroyed on 9/11.
    It was not, as the White house described, a you tube video protest gone wild.
    We need a President and VP who know what the hell is going on and will be honest with the American people.

  4. Mike, thanks for your comment and very well stated. Those four americans were outnumbered 50 to 1 yet they managed to fight and hold off the attack for several hours. While I dont think Romney can get us out of the financial mess we are in, I do believe he can change the attitude and the course of our country. We need a second industrial revolution fueled by oil in the US.

    Great comment, thanks!

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