Hillary Falls On Sword But Impales Obama And Biden

Hillary Clinton fell on the sword and took responsibility for lack of security in Libya but implaed Obama by saying white house is not involved in national security decisions.  Compare this to her “the buck stops in the oval office” remarks on the 2008 campaign trail.

Today though, Hillary says the national security buck stops with her and that the buck does not even make it to the white house.  She comes out and takes responsibility for the lack of security but not for the administration blaming the Libyan attack on a spontaneous demonstration resulting from outrage over a youtube video that is blocked to view by the government of those demonstrators.  She knew the story, she knew it was a lie but it wasn’t her lie.  But earlier, she participated in the lie in her remarks at the casket receiving ceremony of the fallen.  But, while taking that responsibility for lack of security, she tells the country that the President of the United States is not involved in national security decisions.

Was she trying to give Obama breathing room for the debate or did she just give Romney ammo for the debate? Did she just hang Obama out to dry on the way down? Did she throw him under the bus? Does this smell like Slick Willy?


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