Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) (Under)Pays Dominican Hookers For Sex – Lessons Not Learned From The Secret Service Sex Scandal

It seems that, after the Secret Service sex scandal, politicians and other government officials would learn to pay their hookers the full amount agreed upon.  There is nothing worse than a hooker scorned.

And now it happens again.  According to the Daily Caller, Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), has now been caught up in a similar situation in the Dominican Republic.  Menendez is up for reelection but he currently holds a commanding lead over his republican opponent Joe Kyrillos.  Will this change?

And here (see 1:55) is Robert Menendez saying the Secret Service agents should be fired, if true, for soliciting prostitutes.  Keep in mind that Menendez serves on the “Subcommittee on International Operations and Organizations, Human Rights, Democracy, and Global Women’s Issues”.  Global Women’s Issues… Priceless.

Headline on MSNBC:  “Humanitarian Robert Menendez Reaches Out To Help Underprivileged Dominicans”.


Three Examples Of Liberal Media Questioning Obama

It seems that traditionally liberal media outlets are beginning to post articles that are questioning Dear Leader.

First, an editorial in the New York Times by Ross Douthat entitled “Obama’s Aura of Defeat”

Second, the cover of The New Yorker Magazine after the first presidential debate depicting Obama as the “empty chair”.

Finally, and probably most hard hitting, CNN’s Erin Burnett (previously with msnbc no less) did this video segment completely deconstructing the Obama administration’s glossy 20-page pamphlet plan for a second term, which contains nothing new.

Liberal Hate Surfaces – Threats To Riot, Pistol Whip And Kill White People, Assassinate Romney If Obama Not Reelected

Frightening tweets have been emerging over the past few days by self-described “Black people” threatening to “riot” and “fuck shit up” if Romney is elected.  These are not a few here and there tweets, but thousands of them.  And rioting and rampage are just the beginning.  Going even further are tweets threatening to assassinate Romney if he is elected.

Liberal hate speech has long been a part of American politics.  While usually not discussed or brought to light, there are hundreds of examples.  How can these threatening tweets be made and published with no investigation and no wide media coverage?  The hypocrisy of leftists in trying to either downplay or deny this issue altogether is jaw-dropping given how they routinely try to portray conservatives as violent and extremist.  Can tweets not be traced to the tweeter?  Aren’t public threats to destroy property, harm individuals, kill individuals, much less to assassinate a presidential candidate illegal?

On a related note, during the second presidential debate, Romney made a comment concerning gun control that fully automatic weapons are illegal to own.  In fact, that is incorrect.  Individuals may jump through a few hoops and own a fully automatic weapon manufactured prior to 1986.  Just a thought.

Also, for investors out there, Smith and Wesson’s stock symbol is SWHC and Ruger’s stock symbol is RGR.  (Links are to one year charts).  Both stocks have had impressive gains for a one year period.  Just another thought.

Suspected Terrorist Attempts Attack On New York Federal Reserve

I wonder if this qualifies as a potential act of terrorism? Or maybe it is just another result of a youtube movie.

Earlier today, a 21 year old man from Queens, New York was arrested after he drove over 1000 pounds of what he believed was explosives in a van and parked it outside the New York Federal Reserve and pushed the blow up button in an attempt to disrupt the American economy and aid al qaeda.  This was another FBI undercover scheme where they find a gihadist and provide him with all the fake materials he needs to commit his crime of choice.  At least he is off the streets.  Story here.

Update: reports are now stating the initial target was to be Obama and that this is the result of a three month investigation.  Interesting timing for the climax.

Romney Right On Libya, Candy Crowley Wrong And Reverses Herself On Correction Of Romney During Debate

During the debate, Romney questioned Obama on whether he called Benghazi an act of terror in the rose garden speech.  Knowing he didn’t, Obama said “please continue”.  Romney said to Crowley, “I want to be sure we get that for the record.” Crowley replied, “he did in fact, sir (call it an act of terror).”  Obama bellows, “Can you say that a little louder Candy?”  See the video from the debate. (50 sec).

After the debate, Crowley reverses herself saying Romney was “right in the main” (that the Obama statement of “acts of terror” did not relate to Benghazi).  See the video of her reversal. (20 sec).

Will we see this on the nightly news tomorrow?  Perhaps Ms. Crowley spent a bit too much time at the Anheuser-Busch hospitality tent drinking free beer prior to the debate which was apparently “very busy”.

Hillary Falls On Sword But Impales Obama And Biden

Hillary Clinton fell on the sword and took responsibility for lack of security in Libya but implaed Obama by saying white house is not involved in national security decisions.  Compare this to her “the buck stops in the oval office” remarks on the 2008 campaign trail.

Today though, Hillary says the national security buck stops with her and that the buck does not even make it to the white house.  She comes out and takes responsibility for the lack of security but not for the administration blaming the Libyan attack on a spontaneous demonstration resulting from outrage over a youtube video that is blocked to view by the government of those demonstrators.  She knew the story, she knew it was a lie but it wasn’t her lie.  But earlier, she participated in the lie in her remarks at the casket receiving ceremony of the fallen.  But, while taking that responsibility for lack of security, she tells the country that the President of the United States is not involved in national security decisions.

Was she trying to give Obama breathing room for the debate or did she just give Romney ammo for the debate? Did she just hang Obama out to dry on the way down? Did she throw him under the bus? Does this smell like Slick Willy?

Are You A Full Time Hourly Employee? Maybe Not Much Longer Thanks To Obamacare

Employers are beginning to consider Obamacare imposed fines of $3000 per full time employee and are starting to experiment with cutting those 40 hour weeks to 30 hour weeks to avoid the fines.  Shifting more workers to part-time status to avoid providing coverage is being explored by several large US employers including Darden Restaurants (Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and others), one of the nation’s top 30 employers with over 185,000 employees.  An article in the Orlando Sentinel states other companies, including the White Castle hamburger chain, are also considering the same.  McDonald’s is also looking at its number of full time workers.

Darden states this test is taking place in ‘a select number’ of restaurants in four markets, including Central Florida.  But you have to wonder how many other employers, including maybe your own, are considering similar moves.  What would a 25% decrease in the hours you are working mean to your paycheck, to your lifestyle?  Further, do you work for a company with 50-70 employees?  Employers with over 50 employees are also affected by the Obamacare fines.  Any employer with 60 full-time employees is probably looking at cutting 10 of those positions and hiring part-time employees.