First Best Thing at the Democratic National Convention

And the winner for the First Best Thing at the Democratic National Convention is this video from Economist Peter Schiff who went undercover to interview some of those in attendance inside the convention hall.  Not the crazies outside the convention hall, but the crazies INSIDE the convention hall.

Now, he just asked a simple question… “Are you in favor of BANNING CORPORATE PROFITS?”  Yes, banning corporate profits.  Profits made by those evil, soulless, zombie corporations that “are not people” (see Elizabeth Warren speech if you missed that).

So, should all corporate profits be banned? Watch and see.

And for Neil Cavuto’s take on the preposterous statement that “corporations aren’t people”, see this short 2 1/2 minute video from September 10th.


The Second Best Thing at the Democratic National Convention

We have all heard the downright frightening speeches. We have all read the fact checks. We have all heard the pundits on one side or the other praising or criticizing the convention.

But, to me, this was probably the second best thing to come out of the convention. A video of dancing cops directing traffic. Pretty funny, but you may want to mute volume as the traffic whistles get a bit obnoxious, but its worth watching.